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Who We Are

At Engutoto, we are committed to spirited learning, growth, development and fun. We empower our students to ask insightful questions, explore disciplinary boundaries, and confront conventional ways of thinking. We are privileged to teach students from all parts of Engutoto Njiro village, offering a unique curriculum with educational and engaging activities for both - boys and girls - that they would have otherwise never had an opportunity to go to to school.
Your gifts can give children the power to create their own future!

History of Engutoto

The importance of education in Arusha, Tanzania, gives kids a life they never imagined, especially our girls. Even today, a lot of African society believes a girl's role is to grow up to be a housewife, therefore benefitting her in-laws rather than her family. Twenty-two years ago, we started the Engutoto Daycare, with six preschool-aged sisters. We are now almost at full capacity with almost 100 students.

Why Support Us

From our first class of sisters, three are business entrepreneurs, two are pursuing master's degrees in computer technology, and one has just returned to us as a certified teacher! Imagine with 100 students every year, how much we've impacted our community with a balanced, well-educated group of young people.

Meet Our Founder, Lucresia Fields

My dream is to give all the girls of my village the same opportunity I had to live the life they choose and not that they are told. I came to realize that the only way to change this cultural mindset was to create a Daycare Center for young girls where they would learn to read, write, draw and develop their natural curiosity. So, at 19 years old I came back to my home to became a mother, an aunt, a teacher, and every other title that my community advocate may acquire. My greatest joy is to see our children thrive and my greatest pride are the young female role models that we have been a part of supporting.

Your continued support allows us to care for more Engutoto student each year!


Sponsoring a child's education at Engutoto is one of the most powerful ways you can support young African children to succeed. Your monthly donation will be used for tuition, educational materials, school meals and other student needs.

To support a student for the full year, the suggested donation amount is $50 per month for one year.
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One Time Donations

One Time Donations

Your generous donation will be used to support educational programs, building upgrades, playground equipment and other school costs.
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